Javascript MVC Framework!

A MVC boilerplate for ExpressJS backed by CaminteJS and Bootstrap, based on Express MVC Bootstrap.

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Installation is done using the NodeJS Package Manager (npm). If you don't have npm installed on your system you can download it from To install trinte:

$ sudo npm install trinte -g

Usage overview:

$ trinte [command(s)] [argument(s)]

Command format:

  cluster *port=3000                : Run the application using the cluster module.
  server *port=3000                 : Run the application as a server.
  test                              : Run all tests.
  test unit|integration|functional  : Run a particular type of test.
  script help *               : This help script, optional script name for additional help.
  script  *args               : Run a script with , with params

  Available scripts:

  create-controller  args           : Creates a controller
  create-model  args                : Creates a model
  create-test  args                 : Creates a test
  create-view  args                 : Creates a view
  generate-all  args                : Creates a scaffold
  help                              : Show help

Wiki pages


  • Node.js: Amazing javascript asynchronous IO library, install manually.
  • NPM: Node package manager, used to install:
  • Express.Js: Application Framework for Node.js
  • Caminte.Js: Node.JS ORM for MongoDB, Postgres, MySQL, Redis, Nano etc.
  • EJS: Embedded Javascript Templating Library.
  • jQuery: Best Javascript Library.
  • Bootstrap: Powerful front-end CSS/JS framework
  • Glyphicons: Fantastic library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols.


If you have found a bug please write unit test, and make sure all other tests still pass before pushing code to repo.